FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How I can make a malaga rent a car reservation?

Reservations can be made directly on our website, or via telephone.

Do you charge me for fuel?

No, we do not charge you for fuel. Our trade policy is different, we will deliver the car with a certain amount of fuel in the tank and you must return the car with the same amount of fuel. There are other malaga airport car rental companies do charge for fuel.

What exactly does the malaga airport car rental insurance cover?

We have three types of insurance:
Basic: Liability insurance covers up to 50 million euros. The damage caused by our clients to other vehicles is covered. However, the insurance does not cover any damage caused to the car by the client. The customer is responsible for everything that happens to the vehicle.
Basic + Excess: Full insurance with a premium equal to the deposit that is left when you hire the vehicle. This type of insurance covers accidents, all damages caused to third parties and covers the customer for damages up to the amount of the deposit left. For example, if the damage to the rental vehicle reaches a total of 800 € and the premium is 200 € the customer would only have to pay 200 €, the same amount of the deposit.
Total: This is the most comprehensive insurance and covers any damage to the vehicle without excess. Windows and wheels are covered.
We hope that this is clear, but if you have any questions please contact us.

What happens when I get to malaga airport and pick up my rental car?

A member of 1 rentacar malaga staff will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall after you picked up your luggage. The staff member will be holding a sign with your name on it and will be wearing our uniform.

Where do I have to return the car I have rented?

You will return the car to the delivery point at the time you have agreed with our staff.
If you know that will you will arrive at the return point earlier than agreed or will be delayed, you can call us and rearrange the return time.

Can I extend my malaga airport car rental contract?

To extend your rental car you must call one of our offices, either at the airport in Malaga or Marbella 24 hours before the contract expires. This is necessary to prevent the expiration of your car hire insurance.

Can I pay with cash or debit card for my car hire?

We accept both cash and debit card payments but you must leave a deposit in order to recover the vehicle.

If I have a flat tire, what should I do?

If you puncture a tire, the best thing to do is call assistance that will take you to the nearest point to repair the puncture. Flat tires are not covered by the rental car insurance in any situation.

What documents will I need to rent a car?

A passport, driver’s license and a credit card.

How much does it cost to add a second driver?

At 1 rentacar malaga, the second driver is free.

How many miles I can do with the rental car?

There is no limit on mileage.

I can leave Spain with the rental car?

You can only go to Gibraltar and Portugal, but you will have to pay extra to extend insurance coverage in these destinations. If you fail to warn us that you are going to either destination, you must accept liability for any consequences occurring in these places.

Did we answer your question about car rental at malaga airport?

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